The aim of this section is to give response to the typical queries about our classes that students question us at the beginning of each year.

  • Can I try the classes before subscribing?

Of course, the first class is free with no commitment.

  • Is reservation required?

Yes, it is fundamental because spaces are limited and we have to predict with time how many students are in each group. Together with the information of each course you will find a form to formalize your reservation.

This reservation is completely non-committal and its unique objective is to ensure you that there is an available place in the group of your interest.

  • What is the content of the classes?

All our classes have a common structure. Firstly, theory concepts are introduced in such a clarifying way that will surprise you. Afterwards, we put them in practice by focusing on the resolution of real exam problems.

  • Have I to take my own notes?

It is not necessary. We try to keep up on everything related to ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) with the objective of optimizing the explanation time as well as the subsequent studying time. In this sense, we have interactive digital whiteboards, computers with touchscreen and a Virtual Campus to download all the course materials. All the content of each class is saved in a pdf file that you can download when arriving home or directly on your mobile phone. Hence, it is not necessary that you take your own notes and you can focus all your attention on the explanation.

  • How will you help me with my doubts?

What clearly distinguishes us from the rest is the absolutely personalized support that we provide to our students. This is a continuous support that extends beyond classes even on weekends or public holidays. You will have the telephone number of any of us in order to solve all your doubts in real time. It is enough to send us by Whatsapp the text or a photo of your doubt wording.

Some queries would require a face-to-face meeting, and in that case we will always try to find a suitable time for both, you and us (for instance, at the end of a class).