About Us

The aim of this section is to explain who we are, how we work and what kind of help we can offer. We have also added the tab FAQ to clarify the most common questions that our students confront us year after year.

If after reading this information you still have some unanswered question, you can click on the tab Ask Us and send us an online query that we will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Who we are?

We are a group of tutors led by Juan and Felipe that offer professional support to BBA students at ESADE in their learning process.

We are the best team of professionals thanks to our academic training and our teaching experience on the different subjects that we offer.


Due to all the changes that were introduced by the Bologna Process, currently most of the learning focuses on independent work that students have to do at home. This implies that you will need a lot of work hours to get only modest results. Our support is designed for you to overcome this difficulty by helping you optimize your time and reduce the effort that is required in each subject to get the best results.

Teaching Method

We are convinced that face-to-face classes are the best tool to work subjects like Maths, Statistics or Economics. According to this, we try to offer flexible class schedule in order to answer your needs. Additionally, this website under the tab VIRTUAL CAMPUS will provide you all the material we have prepared in order to facilitate the improved use of our classes.

On the other hand, apart from extensive courses (which we consider as the most appropriate to overcome the continuous evaluation) we also offer intensive courses that focus on exam preparation. We only recommend this last kind of courses for low difficulty subjects.